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Customer Reviews

Brandon & Chelsea Perry
Really enjoyed reading this. Going through it a 3rd time now. I grew up in a home that knew nothing of what to do with our money outside of a traditional 401k that was offered from my dad's factory job. As a self employed individual I didn't know where to start. This book gave me the A-Z of what I needed to know of literally every investment type. Even better is that they wrote it from lowest risk to highest risk. Allowing me to easily decide where to start and how to work up.
Renee & Greg Oettinger
The information in BFF is top notch. Greg and I have wanted to learn about different asset classes and how to best invest for our specific financial needs without the bias of a specific sales person for their product. Our question has been "how can we have our money make money and what are the risks?" BFF answers that question!!!! I have listened to the audio book 3 times and the additional CD's once. This is incredible information for our kids and everyone at any age. Thank you for your in depth review and the practical wisdom on finances.

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