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Financial Fitness Master Class

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The Financial Fitness Master Class provides a comprehensive study into the principles taught in the Financial Fitness Program. It will take you page by page through the Financial Fitness workbook in an effort to help you retain and implement new strategies for financial development. This product is perfect for individual or group study and contains over 14 hours of engaging audio and video content. Let the Financial Fitness Master Class be your step by step guide to getting out of debt and staying out of debt.

  • 6 hours of VIDEO content:
  • “Basics: Principles 1–2”
  • “Basics: Principles 3–7”
  • “Offense: Principles 8–18”
  • “Offense: Principles 19–24”
  • “Defense: Principles 25–41”
  • “The Playing Field: Principles 42–47”
  • 15 hours of AUDIO instructions for the workbook:
  • “Getting Started: The Basics”
  • “Mastering the Basics”
  • “Offense: ‘Move the Chains!’ (Moneyviews)”
  • “Business Ownership and the Cashflow Quadrant”
  • “Choosing a Business”
  • “Feeding the YOU, Inc. Investment Hierarchy”
  • “Three Financial Philosophies” 
  • “Mental Blocks and Materialism”
  • “The Three Economic Questions”
  • “Currency and Enterprise”
  • “Booms, Busts, and Preparation”
  • “Ten Financial Principles”
  • “Introduction to Economics”
  • “Three Bubbles”
  • “Your Money, Your Fault”


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