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Financial Fitness Program

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The principles of Financial Fitness are available for everyone. Just as with diets for physical health and fitness, where fanaticism and extremism are not only suspect but are unsustainable, so too with financial fitness. What works best is knowledge and application of basic principles. Learning and applying these principles, over time, can produce incredible results. The Financial Fitness Program teaches the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance. With a basic understanding of these three areas, which are rarely taught together as a whole, anyone can learn to prosper, conserve, and multiply the fruits of his or her labor. 

The Financial Fitness Program is also registered with, which means CPAs can earn 22 self-study CPE credits from by completing the material in the Financial Fitness Program and passing an online exam. is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider registered with the NASBA as a QAS Sponsor of Continuing Professional Education, and the CPE credit hours satisfy or exceed the updated AICPA/NASBA guidelines on self-study CPE activated in 2014 for all 50 states and US territories. To access the CPE course learning objectives, review questions, and final exam, please visit

The Financial Fitness Program contains:

Financial Fitness Book (Silver Medal Winner in the Axiom Business Book Awards and Bronze Medal Winner in the Living Now Book Awards)
Financial Fitness Workbook
Financial Fitness Decal
8 Audios:

LLR 452: The Offense and Defense of Personal Finances by Orrin Woodard & Chris Brady 
LIFE 47: Money View by Chris Brady 
LIFE 17: Money as a Slave by Chris & Terri Brady 
LLR 396: The Principles of Financial Management by Orrin Woodward
LIFE 4: Delay Your Gratification by Claude Hamilton 
LIFE 187: Financial Matrix Money System Revealed  by Orrin Woodward 
LLR 403: Camel in the Tent by Crhis Brady 
LLR 493: Good as Gold by Chris Brady
FF0005: The Green Box to Financial Freedom by Orrin & Laurie Woodward

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